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Vol. 2001 No. 8 August 2001
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure


God is so good! We were offered a nice farmhouse that was just too good to pass up, so we�re still in the same area, just lots more room to breathe in the fresh air and sunshine.


We are addressing a delicate issue this month, and ask you to read the newsletter first before passing it on to your youthful readers. This is a good time to have a talk with your children about Stranger Danger and explain what a pedophile is. Often these men are abused as children and do not recover emotionally. If you want more information on the topic, go to:

If you want a brochure on how pedophiles operate, email Jean at [email protected].


His name was Bill and he was a true friend. When we first arrived at Jackson Prison we were asked if would be willing, because of our back-ground in this area, to work with sex offenders. We said we would be happy to. One of these men was Bill, a man we became truly close to. The following is part of a letter written to his brother.

�Ours was not a particularly stable home in reality, even though the entire world thought we were a model family. You, of all people, must admit things were not as they seemed. As you think back on those years, the struggle between Dad and Grandma, remember I was always there for you, given the perspective of what was going on in my life. Perhaps you can view me with less hostility and hatred.

�I will start this with going to college and dad and I having a verbal to end all. I told him of what I felt all my life but was afraid to express. I told him he did not nor never did love me. The war had started and I had to make clandestine visits to Wildcat road to see you and mom, always with a phone call to make sure dad was not there. As you know I went to MSU and was an excellent student, still suppressing my inner feelings. �The tearful reunion at home with dad and you was overly joyful. At MSU I starred in Pirates of Penzance, Of Thee I sing, Brigadoon and Wizard of Oz. I was quite good. Dad said theater was for sissies. After school I got an excellent job, starting my teaching career. Some later said I got into teaching so I could find victims for my sexual gratification. This was not true. Later, when I became a coach, I did not do so to find boys to molest. I was a great coach; that you know to be true. There was only a total of four boys I became involved with. Because of our family name, the press blew it out of proportion. I have always felt bitter remorse for what I did, although no one believes this. I was and am a gentle person, not a predator as printed.

�Looking back I think, in each case, it started as a father-son relationship I so dearly wanted. I have never used force and never intended to have sexual relations with these boys, all sons of a friend. No one, after this all broke open, suggested I needed help, even the doctor who was treating me. I really was a mess inside, but I resisted my desire to act out my pedophilia. I went for years, restraining my desire, and led a normal life. Then, along with 84 others in Arizona, I lost my job.

�My problem always surfaced after periods of overpowering stress. Remember, at one time, when the whole family with a doctor came together? I was so deeply moved that, for the first time, my problems could be dealt with. I was touched by the caring, what seemed willingness, to help. It was the first time everyone was aware of my situation. But things had gone too far. The past with the four boys was catching up. I was charged with criminal sexual conduct with 6 boys. As you know, I got 8 to 30 years, much more than the criminal guidelines for my crime. But the Judge, parents, and the press tried me. I am paying a terrible price, and I am not angry at this. I am sad to lose everything there is to lose. I�ve lost my freedom, I�ve lost all my possessions. Does anyone in their right mind think, when a child myself, I decided to be a pedophile? I repressed this for 49 years before giving in. I doubt if I will ever make it out of here (Jackson Prison). My health is failing day to day and the care offered me is little. This is a long letter [parts only here] I pray you take time to read it slowly, read it over if you must. Please share this with David as I cannot write another letter. I have written this under great duress.

�This prison is a hostile place, filled with murderers, predators, violent men of all kinds who would just as soon kill you as talk to you. I clearly do not belong in a place like this although guilty of my crime. Treatment is not an option; even those like me will be released as I will someday.. �But I have Jesus Christ in my life and that makes this somewhat bearable. I pray you, through this, get to know Jesus and learn of HIS forgive-ness. I know I hurt you, a well known attorney, and that�s why you turned your back on me, but I pray Jesus comes into your heart at night and you find peace.

�I am so tired. I�m not get-ting along well and I am just too old and worn out to be in a horrible place like this. I wish I could be with you and Mom and Dave and my precious little dog who loves me no matter what I did. I cannot think about Kristy without crying for her.

WHY? Bill was a man we were given to work with and we became friends. No, we do not approve of his crimes, neither did he, neither did Jesus. But repent he did. His walk with the Lord was as powerful as I have ever seen. Yvonne still cries while playing Amazing Grace, thinking of Bill singing it.

We went to the West Coast and dropped Bill a note telling him we would not see him until we got back. In the mail, on our return, was our note marked �deceased.� He had died of a massive heart attack. I called His attorney brother to offer to do the funeral. He told me Bill would be cremated and buried whenever he had time to arrange it. His ashes may still be unburied.

Men like Bill need to be caught and treated. But no matter where we go, they are thrown into the warehouse of prison, forgotten. We write all this because a Pen Friend got a letter from their inmate who had built up trust to tell them he was in prison for child abuse. They wrote a letter, �Thank God,� I read, tearing him apart. If your Pen Friend has the guts to tell you they have chang-ed, it takes a LOT of guts. We are sure we will see Bill in Heaven, and hopefully his father and brother. Did I forget to tell you, Bill was molested by his dad as a child.


We would like to say a big Thank You to all our faith partners. Moving is always expensive, even a short dis-tance, and then losing the engine in our main car really put us behind! Rejoice in the Lord always, no matter what, and do not become discouraged. That is something we must all remember. So rejoice with us.

Attention, young couples thinking about matrimony�

To help with the car problem, a set of beautiful engagement and wedding rings was donated that we need to turn into cash for a car, or of course a car would be nice, all tax-deductible. We would like to thank the donor very, very much. The appraisal descrip-tion is as follows:

1. Bridal Set:

Ladies 14K yellow and white gold two-piece interlocking bridal set. This set contains one major center diamond, approximately .50 CT round brilliant cut (diamond weight approximated while mounted. The diamond measures 5.0 mm. In diameter; unable to measure to measure depth). The diamond has a color grade of J, and a clarity grade of SI2.

The ring also contains 8 round brilliant cut accent dia-monds. The diamonds have an approximate total weight of .20 TW. The diamonds have a color grade of H, and a clarity grade of SI1.

The ring also contains 4 baguette cut accent diamonds, approximate total weight of .12 TW. The diamonds have a color grade of I, and a clarity grade of SI2.

The ring mounting is a two-piece interlocking bridal set. The engagement ring is an openwork split shank style with an underpass-style wedding band. The set is yellow gold with white prong work. All the diamonds are prong set. The set has a total weight of 5 grams. Appraisal value: $2240 2. Man�s 14K Yellow Gold Wedding Band.

The ring is a �Columbia� manufacture ring with a diagonal triple carved line design. The ring is made entirely of 14K yellow gold and has a weight in gold of 6.2 grams. Appraised at $375.00 This is a package deal at $2240+$375=$2615.


We hate to keep repeating ourselves, but we try so hard to make the instructions for writing Pen Friends simple and it seems we�re still not making our rules clear. So here we go again.

Welcome to our Mail Room.
Please read the rules care-fully.

Paper Sunshine is aglow with God�s bliss. Spread the light by asking a friend to join you in the Pen Friend Pro-gram.

1. Supplies:

Colorful papers and envelopes brighten your Pen Friend�s dreary cell. Make sure your envelope to the inmate will fit into a bit larger outer envelope to Someone Cares (like those used to pay bills � they�re almost the same size, but one fits inside the other).

2. Pen Names:

Many of you would like to use a Pen Name in your Paper Sunshine Ministry. Before you begin using it, you MUST register it with Someone Cares. We have piles of mail we can�t deliver because it�s improperly addressed.

3. Mail Going to Your Inmate:

On the �smaller� envelope to your inmate, put his/her name, number, and address. Do not EVER put stickers on the inmate�s mail. Put your name or Pen Name, and our address in the return address area of the envelope. Do not put �Someone Cares� anywhere on the envelope to the inmate!!!

3. Assembling Your Mail

Put your letter to the inmate, unsealed, inside the envelope to Someone Cares. Put your name + pen name, and your address, in the return address area. Address this envelope to Someone Cares. Please note our mailing address on Page 1.

Make sure adequate postage is on both envelopes. Seal the outer envelope and mail to us.


One evening, we processed 400 applications from inmates wanting Pen Friends. A lot of ministries refer prisoners to us through their newsletters with-out an offer of help with expen-ses involved. There are two million inmates in U.S. prisons, and our ministry is growing daily, along with our expenses. Those who won�t help yelp the loudest when caught. Some are even arrogant or defiant. Our arms are open to anyone who wants to know the lovely Jesus, and He provides our needs in astonishing ways. He reaches into the blackest holes and draws sinners to Himself. Praise God for His goodness.

Interesting Facts

Source: Lansing State Journal, 6/7/2000, Opinion column by Dena Anderson.

In an excellent article on the Parole Board�s contribution to prison overcrowding, Ms. Anderson points out the increase from 17% (6000) of inmates eligible for parole in 1991, to a whopping 44% (28,000) today, and the wholesale denial of paroles to potential taxPAYERS. Gov. Engler wants an $83 million increase for the Department of Corrections in 2002; the alternative threat is to close some prisons. Well, folks, guess what? Ms. Anderson asserts that may be just what we need!

Don has pointed out that the Parole Board does not always follow the terms of its job description. A required percent of the Board has been man-dated and is required to act on a decision regarding parole. It is required to meet at the prison with the inmate who has applied for parole. This is often violated, as well as holding a prisoner long after all require-ments have been met for parole (and sometimes for release). And they want to build more prisons!!

By the time you�re reading this, one man who should never have been accused, let alone brought to trial, should be out on parole. He will be able to sleep in a comfortable bed and walk on soft carpet. He will have healthy food to eat. He can get rid of his walker (used because of a stroke suffered in prison) and use a more dignified cane. He can walk on soft grass and mow his lawn and have his hands in garden soil once more. There will be fields to look upon instead of razor wire and barred windows. He can see song birds instead of just sparrows and seagulls. He will have to get used to all the cars that pass by his house. He can pat the dog and hold the kittens and touch their soft-ness, and hold his wife once more without a guard watching.

He can go to church, be with his friends, and enjoy the PARTY that will celebrate his homecoming even though, in reality, he is a prisoner still, since parole is a sort of �house arrest� situation. He will still be able to do things that have some meaning to life.

One of my pet peeves is that the courts seem to have forgotten about justice. They�re about the number of convictions they can score in a political time frame so the judges can claim they�re �tough on crime� and be re-elected.


Our world is becoming so wicked, violent, evil, that Jesus just has to come soon.

Just think�when we go to heaven, we won�t need planes. Scripture says we�ll be caught up to meet Him in the air! We will be transformed so we can travel without man-made gadgetry. On our trip we�ll see, with clear vision, other worlds suspended in the vastness of space! No more meanness, broken promises, scorching heat or bitter cold.

We can meet all the fascinating people we�ve read about in the Bible and talk to them as long as we like.

We can sit at the feet of our beloved savior, Jesus, and adore Him as we were created to do. We can meet God face to face without fear. We can sing with angels. I�m sure no organ or piano can begin to measure up to that kind of harmony.

We will have all the fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains we want, and none of it will grow a personality in the back of an unneeded refrigerator.

We will meet our Pen Friends who have accepted Jesus, in person, amid great joy. Now THAT will be a PARTY!!!

We won�t need cell phones or Franklin Planners; computers will be as useless as the trash we now put out at the curb, because our minds will be perfectly able to do all that much faster, and we won�t have to wait to boot up, or be tied to an electrical outlet.

No cars will break down, our robes won�t wear out, no planes will crash, no potholes will destroy cars, no multiple killings or deaths on the morning news.

We can let our children play with the big cats and talk with anyone they meet without fear. We will live in mansions built by the hand of God. The Bible says we will each be given a crown by Jesus Himself, and a white stone with a special name on it, that only He and we will know. He even has work planned for us when we arrive.

Now, share this picture with your Pen Friends and see if they wouldn�t rather be in Heaven with Jesus and you. My prayer is that you will be able to show them how much God wants them to be with Him, where there is no death, sorrow, tears, or hopelessness. Those are Satan�s wares and snares. God bless your ministry.

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