Quietly Changing Lives
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Vol. 2007 No. 1 January 2007
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure


    We pray that each of you receives all of GOD�s blessings. May the years ahead give you and yours Health. Happiness and Prosperity. We send to all of you and yours all our best prayers, and best wishes for this new year.


    Most of you should know that Yvonne and I were in a rather serious car accident. I received a damaged shoulder. Yvonne suffered serious damage to her right arm. When you receive this she will have received several surgeries, and I will also have had surgery on my shoulder. It was a reminder that we never know what could happen. I sure believe our Guardian Angels were flying with us!

    We will be repaired; the car was not so lucky. If you have a good used one gathering dust at your place, we could sure use it.

    It�s tax deductible.

    We also thank you prayerfully for more than 500 cards, letters, phone calls, Emails, etc.! We were touched by your prayers, which were much needed.

    Satan must be very angry; let�s keep him that way! He has sought to slow us down, but God picked us up, dusted us off, and He will push us ahead. Growing up as I did, fear was never in my mind, never. From the gutters of New York to the back alleys of the U.S., in prison or in war, I was never afraid.

    We were hit very hard in the accident, and I was stunned. I heard Yvonne crying and my reactions took over. I got out of my seat belt, pushed my air bag away and got to her. I saw the bone coming through her skin, pushed her air bag back, got her out of her seat belt and tried to calm her. Your massive prayer offerings have kept us both going. Thank you!


    ( 1) CENT: If the Lord had chosen to bring you home, you would be spending Christmas waiting for Glory with Jesus; that�s not so bad.

    (2) CENTS: Satan messed with my friends, which makes me angry (us too). I will be praying more for you both and sending $$ when I can. Send me two more names to write. Thanking the Lord you are both still here, (us, too)



    We were going to fly out to California to do a series of broadcasts which we had to cancel. But our dear friends there are allowing us to do the broadcast by phone. We will inform you when they will be aired. You might include them in your prayers as most of you came our way through them. In this world of strife they, too, are under attack.


    My heart broke when I read of your accident. You don�t know me, but I am someone who cares. My friends at church told me not to ever write a male inmate. After hearing you both on Voice of Prophecy, I joined. I wrote a young man for two years and his letters blessed me. I am a single mother and fight to make ends meet, but am enclosing $25.

    We do know her. She is in the book, like all of you, and you are in our prayers nightly.


    The inmate I am writing was next to mine when our names were matched. He is a young man in his 20's. I told him in my first letter I was an old lady. That did not bother him, and now he is like a grandson.



    We were sorry to hear about your accident. We know the Lord was with you and we question why these things have to happen. [Amen!] We also know the enemy who hates us will try to destroy us. Use the donation wherever needed.

    We have to tell you about our latest Pen Pal. We told him we would not always write on fancy stationery. He wrote back telling me he did not care if we wrote on grocery bags. Just write!

    We, many of us, are desperate to get mail. One was actually afraid when his name was called. He is one of my most fun Pen Friends. To those of you who write, write one more! To those of you who do not write, please do. Paper Sunshine can change the life of many an inmate.


    We had talked about the coming year, which is now here, up to the accident and much since. There is no way we can slow the growth of this ministry, nor would we want to. It works, it is needed, and it really makes many �someones� care. The work load will keep growing and we do need to increase our funding. Out of the massive amount of folks who get this newsletter we need 250 of you to commit to $5.00 a month for two years. If the rest of you give again what you gave last year we will again make Satan stumble. For those of you who can�t do that, we prayerfully ask for a sacrificial, one-time offering to jump start us in 2007, and throw dust in Satan�s face. God will put a Robe of Righteousness around us all.


    We are often asked for our opinions on World events, and we do have them, but we just can�t do it. I also made a comment on �Purpose Driven Life;� that I wish I had not. I did it after a random reading, and I do not favor the direction it takes. God�s word should be enough Purpose to Drive for our lives. I will make one statement: the Bible is pretty clear about Church and State. If we follow its direction we will all do well. What says the Bible, the Bible to me? The words of men so often mislead us; what says the Bible to me.


    Through one of the massive number of prayer groups we are connected with, came two sisters. Delfina and Eva. These girls raised $88.47 toward a car for us. Max, Bessie and Janet had a garage sale and raised $91.37. Both gestures gave us tears and determination.


    When I became a Christian out of a very worldly life, I was told by a great man, HMS Richards, to use my past as advantage, not let others tear me down. We are all in a race, it is not a sprint but an endurance race. Satan will try to make it an obstacle race. He will throw anything and everything he can at us, including the car that hit us. But to endure, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. Jesus told Peter to step out on Faith and walk on water. Had he kept his eyes on Jesus he would not see the waves. If we run long and hard, we will reach the finish line and GLORY! It�s not far from here! When you read this, we may be in a bandage or brace, but soon we will trade them for robes of white. Then we can dance and celebrate on the Sea of Glass!


    We do spend quality time with God every day, in every way. We share God�s word with all who will listen; once in awhile our audience is captive. When I was a babe in Christ I admit I got tired of �HE is coming soon.� I�m no fool not to understand the powers of Satan.

    It took a good bit of damage to see how close we are each and every day. Both Yvonne and I will bounce back. Yvonne may not be able to play the piano or organ as well as before, for awhile, but she will always bring music somehow to someone. We both ask you all to re-evaluate your walk with Jesus. A couple of miles faster we would not be here. Thank God for his mercy. Also, please send up a prayer for the man who hit us. AMEN


    Soon it will be forty years since Don and I met. The road was often rocky. We got off on our own, but the Saving Grace of Jesus bought us into HIS foot steps. So often HE carried us, or pushed, or pulled. As a Ministry of Faith, the cupboards were sometimes bare. Too often things looked bleak, but by Faith we have moved forward from one man in a cell block who never had gotten mail in eighteen years, to one MILLION inmates completing Bible Studies.

    When that car hit us, it hurt so much. What about Don! There he was next to me saying a prayer in my ear. They put us both in an ambulance and off we went hand in hand. Don is a firm believer in Pray In The Name of Jesus and we will receive. My prayer is to get as well as fast as we can, and keep on keeping on with God�s work through us. When I saw through all the bandages on my fingers, I cried. I will have had several surgeries when you get this My prayer is that I can send each of you a note with my right hand, or learn to write left-handed. We always need all of you, but more now than we ever have.

    Will you pray for us? Can you write an inmate? Or one more inmate? Your giving is needed and we shall receive it if God wills. In Jesus� name we wish you all of God�s blessings in the New Year.


    We have a thanks or two to make. To each of you who prays, write, or supports this ministry. To Jean Winter who make this newsletter readable. To my friend Darryl Ferree who keeps the books straight. To our Board who keeps all in line and in order. To the inmates who, through this ministry, and all of you who found out Someone really cares. To the next person who accepts Christ, or helps lead one to Christ. Wayne Hooper is not well needs prayer. A young mother in Texas who may soon head toward Glory, needing our prayers. Last month we wrote about an inmate who was dying in prison. He had served his time, but with cancer he had no where to go. Bless the church trying to arrange for his burial so he would not be forgotten. But most of all, Thank You, Jesus.


    From a happy home in Canada; the death of father and sister; the move to California from rags to riches, from riches to rags. From rags to Glory. Watch God put the broken pieces in my life together with Yvonne. The ups and downs until Jesus comes.


    My wife and I have been connected with Someone Cares for almost twenty years. We have also watched with amazement Don�s growth with Christ and his walk has been on solid ground. When we were told about the accident we prayed. These dedicated folks deserve a bit of help. They have never taken a vacation. My idea is to ask their supporters, Pen Friends, Faith Partners, Prayer Warriors, or just friends to ask their Pastors to take a Love Offering for this neat couple and the Ministry God has put in their deserving hands!

    Mary & Robert Sorrey


    We would love continuing prayer from all of you reading this newsletter. If you are already a supporter, we pray that God blesses and you can equal next year what you gave this year. If not, please join us! As little as a dollar a month helps. If you need a tax shelter for 2006, credit card donations can be made on our web page: If you would like to send a message to Yvonne, Email her at [email protected]. May God above increase HIS love for you and yours.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.From:

    Don and Yvonne,
    Ronna and Jake,
    Jean and Darryl.


    I�ve been greatly blessed to have my son home since mid-September. People tell me I�ve brightened up immensely during this time, and it�s been due to having someone to talk to part of the day, plus he�s happy to have a job he enjoys.

    Even Don said something to that effect recently. It�s a big realization that even though inmates have people around them 24/7, those people are not always compatible, nor are they good company.

    With prison overcrowding, competition to maintain �ownership� of one�s cell space is at a premium and causes territorialism. The rules don�t always create an atmosphere of respect for one another. Some of the guards goad the inmates with disrespectful comments, waiting for a poor-quality response and an excuse to write a ticket to the hole for the inmate who is holding down the angry temper or comment.

    Don�t judge all guards by the behavior of one bad �tater in the barrel, however. When we go through inspection and pat-down on our way to the Chapel, all but one of the female guards is very nice to us.

    Our last meeting was to have included a baptism, but something happened that the event didn�t take place. We were disappointed, but our guys were willing to indulge in a little conspiracy. It was Shirley�s birthday, and they did enjoy waiting to give her a birthday greeting as we shook hands all around. Even our inmate who is usually �down� seemed more cheerful that day.

    The Chaplain at our facility is very cordial, which helps us do our job better.

    As Pen Friends, we can help our inmates be happy Christians. Cheerful is a state of mind; sometimes it�s hard to maintain. Encourage Chapel or worship service attendance. Our inmates are �on duty� 24/7 in their cubicles � encouraging others, handing out uplifting literature, cheering someone who is down on any given day. They even cheer us up if they perceive that we�re �in the pits.�

    Don told me that after their accident, there was a slip in the P.O. Box that yielded 3 big bins of mail, including over 500 get-well cards! It�s a good thing that Jake and Ronna are there to help with some of the work load. Wish I could spend some time with them as well.

    All the surgeries have no doubt slowed Don & Yvonne�s progress. Knowing them, on the other hand, tells me that they�re very efficient at what they do. They�d have to be, with their work load.

    This issue is about the new year, but being written before Christmas. There are probably lots of noisy toys and trinkets in the stores, but I just saw a shopping list in a magazine with practical gifts for the poor overseas, such as a goat that will help feed a family in India, or ten trees that will bear fruit for a family, or the rescue of a young girl in Africa from mutila-tion with a dull, rusty razor blade. There are prisons of all kinds in the world, and Jesus is going to free those who are falsely accused for His name�s sake.

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