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Vol. 2007 No. 8 August 2007
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure

    There�s not a word a preacher can say, no matter how lovely or true;
    Nor is there a prayer his eager lips pray, that can preach such a sermon as you.
    You vowed to serve Christ, and all know that you did � they watch everything that you do;
    There isn�t an action of yours that is hid; all are watching and studying you. You say you�re no preacher; yes, but you preach a sermon each day, in the things that you say and the things that you do
    Christians, remember you bear His dear name; your lives are for others to view. You are living examples: men praise you or blame you, but measure all Christians by you.

    I have carried this in my Bible for years�a reminder of all the examples Jesus gave me in His Word. To be effective in my wit-ness, I have also studied the Torah and Koran so we can teach them effectively when needed.


    Jim Finn sent that note to me. I must admit it got my attention. Jim is part of a team that, after leading me to Christ, they helped us; �Mentored us into Prison Ministry.� Each day Yvonne and I are so blessed as we get the mail. A new door is opened�an inmate reaching out, a Christian offering to reach in.

    The Internet has opened a new point of entry to prison. Although we mail the letters being Emailed to inmates, many have taken more than one inmate�s name using this method.

    As a Birthday present to myself, I played golf, bowled, and played tennis. My shoulder�s rotator cuff has not bothered me at all. Yvonne says she will soon be going along.

    Jim, I think we will keep on serving the Lord in prisons until HE comes and gets us, or we rest, waiting, especially since a whole bunch of new folks are getting this as they have just joined the God Squad. We welcome them, and again, thank Voice of Prophecy for featuring us on their radio show.

    A prayer request: that the Lord, if the need comes up, directs us to a warmer climate as the plate in Yvonne�s arm may be affected by cold, and the fear of slipping on ice is also more on our minds. The man who hit us in the accident really felt bad and admitted his wrong, and really feels bad for all the damage done. (It takes time to heal all kinds of wounds, whether physical or spiritual.)


    This program is growing so very fast we would like to spend some time dealing with it as your �Mission Field.� This program has grown, as it is one of the best ways for us to follow God�s command: �I was in prison and you visited Me.� 60% of the in-mates who join are looking for a real friend. The rest are looking.

    Writing through us saves a lot of grief: Yvonne, because of her restrictions, will be reading most of the inmate mail. There are men and women who, through this program, really want a friend. A lot of them are not educated, and can barely read or write. These inmates, Yvonne may take from you to write ourselves, sending you a new name. Some are really hardcore. We will either help you, or take them ourselves. We do not want to lose you.

    If you wrote in the past and quit, please re-join us and take a new name. If you have been writing a person but your heart is not in it, let us get a new person for each of you.

    Remember, it is Pen Friendship, not that I�m going to lead them to my CHURCH. It is sad to say, except for one church where everyone is a Pen Friend, most in your church will say, �... not in our church.�

    The application and introduction letter should tell you a lot. Start slowly and find out as much as you can.

    Prisons are terrible places and very boring. It is summer with lots of violence, causing lockdowns.

    A lockdown means the inmates are stuck in their cell or dorm areas.

    Single Cell: You are by yourself.

    Cellie: You have a cell-mate; the two of you are together 24 hours a day. Maybe a little yard time, but very little.

    Shower: You might get one twice a week (emphasis on might).

    Meals: Breakfast may be hot, then two sack lunches. It helps if you have a radio or TV and something to read.

    Suicide: This is an area you hear little about in prison. In a letter, look for some common ground. Get help from family members or church friends.

    Trust: It�s very hard to establish. Truth is something they are not used to. Mail: The letters to you leaving the prison may be read by staff. Then by us.

    Gangs: rampant and often use ministries like ours to try to get stuff; we prevent that. Over time, Someone Cares and its friends have turned many an inmate around. Over a million have completed Bible studies.


    I have been with Someone Cares a long time. I have written hundreds of inmates and given up on twice that many.

    Don and Yvonne�s directions and notes will help you. If you do not get along, they will take over.

    Seven of the inmates I wrote are in a ministry: two with my church and five with others. Amen!

    Of around 50 I keep in touch with, who are out, 39 regularly go to church.

    If they ask for money, I say �no,� but send a little at Christmas and their Birthday.

    I have a card file on each person I have written and a dozen have visited me after their release and four I have visited in prison.

    I also have no family, and have Someone Cares in my will.
    (If the Lord leads and you choose to do this, let us and the family be aware).

    This is a ministry that does what they say do and is well worth supporting. I wish I had a house, apartment, or what they really like, a mobile home in a warm climate they could use in winter months, or move to. I am 82 years old and have been a church member since I was born.

    Until the McClures asked, I never did anything for Jesus. I found I never had. Now I do, and pray you�ll join this wonderful opportunity to have fun, and change the lives of many a man, woman, boy or girl.

    Have Don preach in your church and you will really learn what Jesus meant in Hebrews 13:3, �Remember the inmate as if chained with them.� Join with them here, and then meet me under the Tree of Life. My doctor has informed me I don�t have much longer. One joy I will have in Heaven is meeting some the Lord has helped me lead to Christ.

    We pray that Yvonne and I will be on the street where she lives in the New Jerusalem. Meeting all of you will be a real treat.


    From the get-go, we have grown on small donations. Once, the head of another ministry told us not to waste our time on little donors. Thank God, with a lot of help, we did not listen. We are a non-profit organization and your donations are tax-deductible.

    We get a lot of checks from inmates and in the past, sent them back. But inmates learning God�s word want to pay God�s tithe to this ministry. We are happy to accept. The dollar will go a long way when God grants the increase. You do not have to support this ministry to be a part of it. (Sure helps, though.)


    The seventh day in the seventh month in a seventh year. What�s a number to go by? 777! Michelle, a big part of this ministry, called and said it would be neat if Jesus returned today. Of course, we said yes. Then, as the sun has set, I was a bit overjoyed, as a lot of folks we know would not have gone, if Jesus had come. The reason we work so hard is to make sure as many people as we can, will get to know Jesus.

    A godly man told me a long time ago, that �A Christian is as a Christian does.

    Two dear friends in Texas, living in a garage until their house is built, were in a serious storm area, flooding all around them.

    The workmen on their home were amazed that their construction was not affected. Mona got a chance to witness about our Prayer Warriors praying for them and their home. Built on Solid Rock. Amen!!

    One of the workers and a child are going to church because of her witness and God�s Grace. Amazing!!


    With the massive expansion of this ministry, we had to make some changes. I think back when we started and did everything in a binder. After we transferred and added names to our new program, I ran all the names. A lot we know personally, others prayerfully. Then there are the ones who write and support this ministry. We would be overjoyed to meet each of you but we can�t. We have many of your pictures in a book and go through it often. If you have a computer, send us a note and we will answer; if not, write a note; I will answer.

    I got a call today from a lady who was invited to join us, but she was scared. Not of being harmed, but of saying the wrong thing. We assured her we would read her letter to the inmate and, if needed, make corrections, and also give her advice on inmate�s letters. We are really getting results from some hardcore inmates. About a year ago, a man was released from prison and joined a church we know. A lot of members were already part of Paper Sunshine. We asked them to have him help with their letters and what a joy.

    I remember when I started going to church, sure with someone had asked me. Many writing inmates are entering a world that does exist and is hard and cruel.. We suggest that you get a friend or two and attend an A.A., N.A., or E.A. meeting, and if you don�t know what those letters mean, ask your Pastor. If they don�t know, pray and call us collect if you have to.


    Is really easy. The first letter they write, we can tell if they are sincere at this time. The real �Cons� will start their hustle right away. We will alert you.

    Romance is easy to get trapped into if you do not deal with their questions openly. Do not be afraid of the truth. They have massive problems; don�t share yours. They will ask for things and we don�t blame them. If you can afford, send it when you are sure they can have it. We will make suggestions to help. A problem we wish we could get rid of is breaking old habits. We are used to writing a letter and getting an answer.

    They aren�t used to getting a letter. Pen, pencil, paper and stamps are sometimes difficult to get. With all the violence in prison, they are on constant lockdown. During these, they may not be able to write but can receive. Log your letters; if you write three, let us know; we will follow up to see if there is a problem and keep you posted. Write about your family, especially if married. Ask lots of questions, but not why they are in prison. Ask about background and family. Look for areas you can help.
    Be a friend.


    We are so thankful for all of you; we have a family that just keeps growing

    And I praise God for all He does; we do serve an Awesome God! I would love to have Christ return.

    God knows best, so if we all get busy and go out of our way to witness, we can help hasten His return.

    Just remember, we are only a phone call or e-mail away. We will help any of you who want help.

    I just want to remind you that we will be very honest with you, and do not want to hurt anyone�s feelings.

    May God bless you and keep you and we will be praying for all of you.

    My Father used to sing a song at the close of his meetings: �My Heavenly Father Watches Over You.�

    I�ve played it so much I don�t even need the music.


    This summer is just flying by at warp speed! I�ve had the opportunity to watch a grandchild gain some maturity and woodsman�s skills with an axe � �primitive� tools. His father (my son) is teaching him how to use common sense and develop muscles he would never acquire in a gym.

    As a substance counselor, Dad is also giving him an education in avoiding the pitfalls of substance abuse while also observing another family member destroy her health and body.

    It�s hard on children to be raised in an atmosphere where shock at the thought of using drugs has, over the years, become the �norm� of many families� lives to experiment, process, sell and use drugs. How many prison inmates would be free today if they had been guided more carefully in childhood, around the pitfalls of peer pressure.

    Children need to learn early that God doesn�t make junk, and has a strong objection to junk of our making. No one has ever improved on or outdone our Creator. Now, that�s COOL!

    Only the �Father of Lies,� the Devil, and his gang of bullies, could convince an improperly educated child to break God�s loving rules for happiness. For instance:

    Liars say drugs make us feel good. What about withdrawal?

    Liars say designer fruit will make us wise (remember Eve in Eden?)

    Liars say that making and selling fruits of fermentation will make you feel beautiful and happy. Who�s kidding you when you wake the next morning in a jail cell with a charge of vehicular manslaughter?

    Who takes your money when you�re lying in your own blood in the street, the gunman nowhere to be seen?

    Who says only drugs will make you well. Have you read the three pages of side effects with each prescription? Taking care of your health and lifestyle God�s way keeps us well, vibrant, lucid, free, happy in His lifestyle. His way IS the FREE WAY!

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