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Vol. 2008 No. 2 February 2008
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure


Every time we start a new year our prayers deal with Gods plans for us.

Someone Cares has lasted so long and done so well because of YOU. If all connected with this Ministry could do what they did last year God will Grant The Increase. If those of you who wrote and gave up will try one more time great things will happen.

We just do our job and keep on growing, asking God if its time to slow down. HE apparently said NO.


The week of February 18th through the 22nd Yvonne and I will be on Radio with Voice of Prophecy. We pray you tune in. We also pray that those with computers who may not get VOP via radio will go to VOP.COM on your Computer.

All day, every day, at any time you can hear the Program featuring Someone Cares Yvonne and I. If you can get a group together to listen and give us your phone number Yvonne or I or Lonnie Melashenko of VOP can call and encourage the group to get involved. Or get the 5 day CD from VOP.

My address book has a lot of folks, as do many of you. If you relay this information to everyone what a Blessing Someone Cares will have. If you can not get a group during that week call we will send a CD.


I have been in Prison for a lot of years. During that time most of my family died or lost track of me. Being hard core it did not bother me until last year 2006.

Not ever getting mail or a visit is tough, especially in December over Christmas and my birthday. A fellow who moved in across from me told me about you guys and I made up my mind to try to change.

I got a pen friend, a neat couple. We really stumbled as they had both grown up in a Church setting and me well that�s another letter.

As we got to know each other and they shared their Faith and a newsletter how Don had changed his from a life like mine. I took a bible study and started reading. To survive in prison, being part of a gang is a must. But that also brought much grief. Don sent me a book (Three Hours to Live) and a book called (Steps to Christ).

Last Christmas I got the shock of my life, a visit, the first in over eighteen years from my kid sister, now grown up. Don had told me, in a call I was able to talk to him, to be a Christian. I did not have to give up but give in.

Sure it is still hard, but I can see a light, mainly because Paper Sunshine reached in the darkness of my soul. There is no way I can change the way I was or the folks I hurt, but there will be no more of it. God Bless you all and Thank You,



I have told this story a whole lot and it has a bit more meaning today.

Years ago at San Quentin Yvonne and I met a man, more of an animal. Beard down to his waist, hair down his back and dirty so full of hate. We met him in �C� section, a lock down unit.

After our first meeting, which was bad, we no longer stopped at his cell. After passing him for over a year, a guard said he wanted to see us. The first time I stopped at his cell he tried to attack me through the bars.

I told Yvonne to stay behind me and we went to his cell. The stench was bad. He said �I want to buy whatever it is your selling.� I said �I beg your Pardon?� I have watched you two for over a year and seen others change in here that takes a lot . Several changed big time. What are you selling?

I was dense. Yvonne stepped around me pushed me back and spent two hours telling him about Jesus. I saw a tear swell up in his eye and slowly drip down his beard. When we joined hands for prayers I heard the gun rail guards take the safety off their rifles.

Satan, again had lost a battle, to be free in Jesus is to be free indeed.

That same day he was released to main line population. We were walking across the yard and this man clean shaven and clean all over walked up and said hi, we did not know him. Due to moves and changes we lost track of him, but he did not lose track of us.

After 38 years he was released and through another Ministry he got a place to live and a job. Our next trip west, lunch is on him. Maybe we will see you.

Prison Ministry is vital and for many reasons. The Prison system is sadly broken and really needs fixing.

As we watch politics in action and government waste, prison is a large expense. Some states, as high as $70,000 a year to house one inmate. With over two million inmates in Prison there is almost no such thing as rehabilitation.

With the economy in a terrible fix, those in prison have a very bleak future. 70% of those in prison will get out some day. Recidivism is 70%, which means the crime rate will go up.

Some politicians thought, throw away the key and keep them locked up. This make geriatric prisons medical expenses out of sight. The court had to take over in states like California. Every state has the same problem, ex-cons living on the street.

We approached one Governor with a thought. An example we used, a man commits a crime and is sent to prison. It costs $70,000 a year to house them with no jobs, no school, they come out worse than they went in. Let us say they serve 10 years, $700,000 of tax payers money. When released they get nothing or next to nothing.

In California they receive $100 gate money and another $100 when they arrive at a parole office, if they do. If they don�t have street clothes they must buy what they are wearing. The State does not care if the have a place to live. Making it is impossible. What ii the State gives them a $1,000 a month for a year if this keeps them out does it not save tax payers a lot?


Now it is a proven fact religion does change many, and many do try to use it. The budget for a chaplain friend of mine is less than $10,000 a year for 6,000 men. Do the math. Recidivism works yet it is hard to get done. This is why Prison Ministry is crime prevention and very important. Jesus wept.


Knowing that Jesus is just a prayer away sure helps.

We count our blessings each and every day. Especially knowing the conditions the country is in, or may be in.

A friend and supporter sent a note with his check, letting us know the checks would be smaller this year. This Ministry has been run on faith for a long time. We started out asking for $1.50 a month and we don�t mind asking for that again a little from a lot gets the job done.

I guess its time to deal with getting a bit older Yvonne has a birthday next month she is as old as her tongue and a little older than her teeth. Mine is in June and on that day I plan to play golf in the am, Tennis in the afternoon and bowl in the evening. I believe I could eventually play a little racket ball with my grandson. Not bad for 75.

We will be slowing down a bit. We would like to move to a warmer place, if that is in God �s plan for us. Slowly we will be revamping this Ministry and looking for assistance.

A friend told me it was a miracle that I made it this far. The abuse I did to my body for years. Wow Thank you Jesus, Yvonne, Michelle, Bob, Betty Mona, Larry and mostly, YOU!


Religion around the world today is key to everything happening.

When it leads to confusion, something should be done. At Soledad Prison our Chapel was All Faiths. Too often we get calls asking for advice.

I will go back again to what happened to me when I became a Christian. I almost did not, I got a lot of don�t do this or that.

Knowing I need change, finally someone (neat name) told me I need not give up, but give in. The saving grace of Jesus is so nice, Gods Riches at Christ Expense.


The growth of this Ministry by opening it up to any inmate has created a few problems.

At times we get a massive amount of mail and forward some with out reading. In prison are some very perverted inmates and at times they have sent some offensive stuff we missed.

If this does happen return it, we will take that person and send you a new one. Mail like that is not suppose to leave the prison. Over the years we have had amazing results with the worst of these. Several years ago a lady got a real bad letter tore it up called me and told me off. I asked her to send me the pieces and I put the pieces together with the help of a friend, God put the pieces together and the man found Jesus.

Also, I have been had by some of the best, as there are some really sharp cons in Prison. Their lives have been a lie and they tell lies. If you want your friends letter read by us inform us we will not miss any.

Some of you are very comfortable and may not need letters read. It may delay the letter, but save a problem.


I do not plan to deal with funding any more this year.

If you are not a Faith Partner, please think about it. Hearing the word recession makes many nervous and we will pray for them. We learned from the get go that if God wants the Ministry to go on HE will find a way.

All donations are tax deductible. We are just as happy with a dollar as we are with a thousand. A bunch of coins given to us by a Mexican woman in California, led to a million dollar Sermon. We have made an appeal and the response was good for those willing to support postage for those with little income, but time to write.

God has prepared a place for us but many are not ready to go. Jump starting this Ministry will save us not having to travel for speaking engagements. Join the widow, widowers MITE Ministry, be an active part of the God Squad Prayer, Pen Friend, Supporter, or all the above!


Our friends Larry and Mona who write and support this Ministry got attacked by Satan.

They wanted to build a dream house. They found, in Texas, a nice piece of property, got contractors and sold their home. The contractor was a crook, and spent their funds.

Their garage was finished no kitchen or bathroom. If someone in Texas has a motor home they can use. But prayer is enough as God will work it out.


We just received a letter, that I must share.

T.L. had just received two letter�s from his Pen friend and was so excited that he wrote us a letter telling us how great it is to get some mail. He stated, in his letter, that he wanted to repay us, however he did not have much, so he enclosed a small book of stamps.

God�s so good and we are so blest to get to see how all this gets put together. There is so much that we as free people take for granted. We pray as we go into a new year that each of you will receive a real Blessing and may have the time to write. You are always in our prayers.


All books must come from vendor (book store). Do not send cash to inmates they will not get it. Money order but on with proper Prison policy, may need special for from prison. Please send us your e-mail address so we can contact you if any problem.

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