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Vol. 2008 No. 6 June 2008
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Don & Yvonne McClure


Many years ago, God sent Yvonne to me and great things happened. I am writing this with Yvonne in the hospital again. She is on the road to recovery from a kidney problem. With two years from the auto accident she did not need this. God is so good. When I got home from the hospital I called and e-mailed to all our prayer groups and they went into action.

Prayer in HIS Name Before surgery. The Doctors told us of 4 options and the one they had chose. I said, fine but we were having prayer first. After prayer the head Surgeon told me there was another option. Was that a tear? This is the one they took and it was, is very successful. The road to recovery will be long but God is in control.


I am learning just how big this Ministry is. Because of the plate in Yvonne's arm, we were thinking of a warmer climate in the winter. Yvonne suggested we pray about a move back to California. This Ministry started there, Voice Of Prophecy is there. There we should be again, and get all the help we need. With her gone for two weeks I have learned how really big this Ministry is. Lots of friends and Churches to help there. Also, many of the programs we had are no longer active there. We know this also will be a bit expensive. I told her let us ask God. We have and ask you to Pray God's will be done.



Terry wrote: There were tattoos on my arm when I came to prison. I had a skull and cross bones, and an upside-down cross. One day I was walking toward my cell block at Avenal (California) and heard:

"Boy your parents must be proud of you!?"
Turning I saw this small lady, as out of place here as a stretch limo.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"Oh, someone God sent to find you."
"Yeah sure," I was now almost in the doorway of my cell block and she was still there.
"You can't come in here." I said.
"Because this is a Prison."
�So is that yard but only for you not for me! What if I could get you out of here without those tattoos and body stuff you only have for macho reasons.�
"Lady I'm serving double life for murder."
"Let's Talk" She said. �My husband (and let me tell you he is easier than she was), has a ministry here.�
She told me no one paid any attention here to 666 but, would I get noticed here and many other places with 777. Had to explain 777 was Christ 666 was Satan. Playing the right numbers was a ticket to freedom.
�You are telling me If I bought into this Jesus bit I could go free?"
�No but set free.�
Now I was lost. My road dog (street buddy) had joined us.

She told us if we turned our lives over to Jesus anything could happen, we could have a piece of security and freedom. She invited us to a service her husband was having soon.


Both men agreed they had nothing to lose. I went to the Chapel for the first time in my life. I listened to a man talk about Jesus in a way I could understand. The guy preached like he was raised on my street. He told about a man who had done many of the things I had done and Jesus set him free. He then walked over to me and said,

"Here is a fool with the brand of Satan on his arm."

He called me a fool, I was about to stand up and do him in, but Don said,

"Foolish as he is, Jesus loves him so do I."

He put a hand on my other shoulder and I felt a quiet peace and had tears in my eyes.
He said, "The Bible says come boldly to the throne of Grace if you want freedom come now."

I went forward and so did my road-dog, and ten others. I got to know Don & Yvonne pretty good. I got to know Jesus very well.

Why am I writing this and is any of this important? Over the last ten years I have studied God's word day and night. My road-dog, now my brother, holds Bible studies in Prison.

I was walking across the yard and heard the tattoos are still there, but the old man has gone away. Don and Yvonne were back. I write this for them. They make a difference wherever they go. Some of us would still be killing each other if we had not met the man and his lady, and Jesus.

This was written in 1999.

I have been down 22 years and may get out in another ten. Do you want folks getting out like I was or like I am. Yvonne had a friend change my 666 to musical notes. Help them if you can and God Bless. Terry


If God directs our return to California it won't be the first time. HE did it when a Chaplain Friend needed help at Cochran Prison. We had, and I still do, the idea of training others to do what we do.

A Dear Friend Donated money to do a Video on all we have done. We have not finished it but WE will..

Yvonne reminded me last time we returned to California we got to spend 9 days at a Camp meeting in Santa Cruz, day and night of fellowship and learning. We were given space for a booth and received so many blessings. In fact arriving there we were Prayed back to California. Then a friend, Art Bushnell invited us up in front of a large crowd on opening night. He asked for a raise of hands if they remembered us. Tears came to our eyes as so many hands rose. God knew then and HE knows now.


We must sell a home, 3 Bedrooms, bath and a half, new roof and furnace, Air, Fireplace, Living room, dining room. Nice yard. Beautiful flowers, Great neighbors. It is an association with several pools, tennis courts, 9 hole golf course and Racquet ball. Total $139,000, Low taxes.


God has blessed the growth of this Ministry. Started years ago on the Widow Mite. Then a man wrote and Widow widowers Mite. With the exception of a few we have a lot of small donors. Amen. We are also looking at very hard times for many and understand. By the time you get this I will be 75. We are moving a Ministry if all the pieces come together. So our appeal is, if everything does work, as God wishes a pledge of whatever will be asked for then not now. I plan to fly Yvonne and drive a Rental. Gas maybe will sell all here. This will be interesting. We have worked extra hard to be good stewards of your donations. We have kept this Ministry in the black for many years. Still have not had a honeymoon or vacation. Will get that as a smile on Yvonne's face.


Keeping the mail moving, caring for the problems that come up and 4 or 5 trips a day is hectic. This newsletter is being done in pieces.


Catch you next month but thanks for Prayers and Cards Y Me;


And the doctor said. We have repaired damage, there will be more work after she goes home. The liver is fine and kidneys functioning fine. Wow! It will be awhile getting her all back to normal. One thing the doctors said is they want her doing more, that�s great.

We have spent the last couple of nights dealing with the Video we want to finish. There is no doubt this entire Ministry in Prison has very positive results. But now hearing from Pastors it also has a positive result with Church members, who for years were never asked to do anything for God. All we have to do is look around this world to see that God has to see the need.


I am 89 years old and had really not done much but read, pray, and go to Church. When I listened to you guys I jumped in. I am now writing to 6 men and having a ball. Yes its tough, yes they try to get me to do stuff, but with Yvonne�s direction we are settled in for the long haul.


I am amazed how easy this Ministry is. I started embarrassed. My husband began to write, our kids followed. We are writing 8 and will take another 2. My Pastor is even letting me make an appeal I have never been up front, but I�m going. We are all praying for Yvonne.


We have done all kinds of things for years, but I can tell you writing inmates has been a blessing and also increased our group size a lot. We are having a bake sale to pay for postage and help you all.


I think I was one of those you wrote about and I�m sorry. You sent us 4 names and we had to get rid of two. You sent two, we got rid of one, you sent us one. Now we write four. Yes, there are terrible folks in prison. I remember a sermon you preached, Yvonne, about how pretty the garden was when you got rid of the weeds. I was also glad you and Don wrote the inmates we dropped. I sure hope you do return to California. Here is a little to help you get here.


We have known you for years and loved your parents. Today we receive $1200.00 that we did not think we should have gotten. I understand if you don�t return to California you will use it for The Video or California prisons.
George and Maggie

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