Quietly Changing Lives
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April 2009
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure


God used Yvonne to find a home in Payson, Arizona.

What a home, what a town! The beauty with almost everything in bloom brought a smile to my heart and easy breathing for Yvonne. We had a massive sale in Indiana and lots of items were sold that were hard to let go of! Our things have not arrived here yet, but they will be soon, very soon! We are sleeping on a queen air mattress, and sleeping well. Yvonne got sick before, and during the move, this caused a bit of an overload. We pray that few mistakes were made but are sure some were. For safety please write your Pen Friend again.

Driving across this wonderful country we were so close to so many of you. We also pulled up to many closed stores. Saw many packed cars going?


Someone Cares is going to grow, and Yvonne and I will stay around to run it, God willing. If not, arrangements are being made so this Ministry goes on. Controls are being put in place.

Outside the window of my new office fruit trees are in blossom, bees are every Where - God�s will at work. Soon we will enjoy that fruit. This Ministry is like that and the fruits of your efforts will spread. Some of these seeds are being planted in very rough soil, but the blessing of your kindness will make that sweet fruit for some inmate.

We have operated this Ministry from our homes always, but they were larger than this. To keep things in order and not run over each other we need to, soon prayerfully if funds are on hand, enclose a large screened porch. This will give us and soon-to-be-recruited volunteers room to move around - a place for you, Yvonne and me to chat. Being a large senior mobile home park God set us in the middle of a very nice group of folks. We will try to send some pictures next month.


We turned on a computer, found a home, bought it and moved. We did not know a soul here, but we do now. No Church, State, or Prison system pays us a dime, but we stay in the black. I was asked when picking up an air bed, why Payson? Don�t ask us, ask God.

When we opened up bank accounts the manager asked us:

�Who are you employed by?�
He smiled and asked
�Does HE send a check monthly?�
�No, we get checks, or cash, or pledges almost every day. Some very small and some larger.�
�Why?� he asked.
�Because God told them to?
�How many of these people do you know personally?�
�Not many!�
Keep in mind we were not applying for credit.
�How many of the inmates do you know?�
�A few more.�
�Do you talk to God?�
�Does He answer?�
�How do you know it is HIM.�
�Because you are asking these questions.�
�This economy is poor and getting worse, what happens then?�
�Those with more give less, those with less give more.�
�Sometime will you tell me more about Jesus?�
�How about now.�


Many years ago as an atheist I went from Jet Setter to the gutter. From having everything, to having very little. Yvonne and I ended up sleeping on the floor with no furniture. Then Yvonne took me to the man who led me to Jesus. HIS promise to give us the cattle on a thousand hills still stands. The path Jesus has led us down has been quite a ride.

We are and will always be good stewards of your giving to this Ministry. We do need a second car, used with air they tell us it gets hot here; we have lots of area to cover.

If you asked for a second inmate to write and we have not sent one please remind us. If you asked for a receipt and we did not send it please ask again.

If you e-mail your inmate and they get two of the same letter we are getting caught up. Although everything has changed, it is all the same. God�s will and work will be done.


New beginnings are always a challenge; however, I knew sick or well God�s work must go forth and I am as glad as Christians we never give up! I have observed over the years that Christians usually get together to accomplish God�s work and help one another. That is what is happening to us and how exciting it is to see God and His people at work. I want to thank all of you who sent words of encouragement and cards. I am doing great and breathing fresh air and sunshine every day. We do have some needs to be met such as the closed-in porch and a few other minor repairs, we have faith that in God�s time it will happen. It is exciting!

May God Bless each one of you as you travel with us on this new growing experience.

A true joy when we got here came off a problem. We brought our computers and equipment in our packed car. The phone company did not have service in as promised. A call to a local church member brought a lot of action - first one of the best computer men I have ever met, cleaned up our computers, and interfaced them with his.

Then he said our web page needed a little pep. You will see Yvonne and I in action on line in prison. See Yvonne in an inmate�s cell commenting how hard the bunk was. Learn how to start your own Ministry. Join us as Pen Friends. Start a dress out Program. Become a Two Care member and visit inmates already attached to us in your area. Become a prayer Partner. As the Country tries to get back on its feet crime goes up.


With the tax structure maybe changing we are asking for one large donation from some of you, and we ask in Jesus name. To enclose screened porch and make a work area, to have a regular on-line program taking you into prison, and keep a cash reserve in case of any problems. This move has cut our overhead by $1700.00 a month. I may be able to handle this all with speaking appointments. Satan knows the good Someone Cares does and will be doing. He knows his time is short, He understands Gods people are uniting. We love our new home here and Yvonne�s rebound in Health. But we yearn for the Heavenly Choir to sing as Jesus returns. Many inmates need to hear that last trumpet and join us Heaven bound. Our bookkeepers said ask for $15,000 and pray it comes in one dollar bills. Gulp.


All Churches and religions.

With the State of the Nation and the World, the conditions of many churches is troublesome. We hear attendance is off, giving is off, and praying is off. God set down a plan for Salvation of all mankind. Today we drove around to yard sales and were able to pick up some nice things. Things people were selling to eat. � I was Hungry� we gave things back and told them to keep the money. One did and the other did not. Yvonne and I love to pray - please send us your needs and we will include them. We ask for things knowing God will provide. We love asking for others. The family who prays together stays together. Our Doctor and friend is Hindu and we pray with him �at the same time at 7am.� Please join us. We are praying he moves to Arizona as we need a good doctor.


Making room, unpacking and our new Web server needs to be set up so we are closing a BIT SHORT. As a favor to understand our kind of faith please read the book of James. Our kind of Faith with yours makes this all happen. Even getting this newsletter took a lot of work. Satan is angry.

We Love you and need you
God Bless
Don & Yvonne
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