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September 2009
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure


I spent a long time in prayer as this is an important newsletter. I want to establish a priority in the purpose of Someone Cares. The direction established in this Ministry is growing and will continue to do so. It is blessed by Jesus for all we have done we have tried to do in HIS name. It has often taken us to our penny jar and sometimes to a little better motel on the road. All that has been accomplished though prayer and people. People like each of you from every walk of life and every color and creed.

It started off year�s ago when a little Mexican lady gave us, .87 cents and asked us to use it to lead those in prison to Jesus. A couple who will remain nameless has often taken us to the mountaintop and now they are close to the deepest darkest hole.

God put them together with us years ago and like so many of you they put a smile in this Ministry. Like we wish could happen with more of you, a real friendship grew. They became prayer partners, Pen Friends and faith partners.

Years ago they shared a dream with us, having found a piece of land where they could build a dream home. He had a good job, and after selling their home and building they would have equity to do what they had prayed for. A buyer showed up and they sold their home. With perfect credit, $60.000 and no debt, they hired a contractor with good credentials.

The contractor dropped out almost at once. His partner assured them he could do the work. Then they found out the contractor underbid just to get the job. They fired him. Then they found out that sub contractors had not been paid out of the $60,000. They had been asked to pick up about $18,000 of supplies which were not paid for. Then they Someone CareS PriSon miniStry September 2009 found out the electrical was done so badly that they had to have it redone. To move in, they emptied their saving�s and borrowed against their 401k.

Then the husband took a big pay cut due to the poor economy. They were paying Tithe to Someone Cares, and we asked them to quit but they said no. Now they have to stop giving. I have known lots of Christians but never two as loyal and faithful and dedicated as these folks.

The original contractor filed suit against them saying they drove his tractor in the pond. He had done this five other times and won. With the help of all his friends, they won the suit. Now bankruptcy for the couple is impending.

They did not ask us for help. We ask your prayers for them, a card or note, and those of you able join us in a little funding through us. Losing the material things does not seem to get them down. A dream home would have been nice, but they have each other and Jesus. Also a mansion promised by God will open a door and HIS will shall be done. When we all get to heaven this problem will be long forgotten. They did not ask us, but we feel we need to help. Their attitude might be described as �never give up,� or �give in to Jesus.�

We all need to beware of people we hire as this could happen to any of us. If a reference is needed ,they are the folks on top of the Someone Cares Prayer list.


The prison systems of the United States are bad enough. To save money, many states are closing mental hospitals and putting the patients in prison. So state prisons are the new home for the mentally ill. How many of these will be among the 40,000 inmates mandated to be released over the next 24 months? It is a known fact that there are more mentally ill inmates in prison than in hospitals. This illness grows rampant in the United States. Visit any skid row and find the mentally ill who are homeless and desperate to survive.

Finding food and having only a newspaper for a blanket, and a cardboard box for a roof, these conditions cause more sickness, leading to many becoming psychotic and getting arrested and put in jail where someone finds them fit to stand trail.

Many inmates are schizophrenics or have other severe disorders and are doing time for things they had no control over. Some have brain damage or worse. We have many in our Pen Friend program we have personally taken on.

Few in law enforcement are trained to handle mental illness. Some psychosis is temporary bought on by stress. With out treatment this can be very serious, and dangerous. The courts seldom recognize that mental illness is not always constant, but can be sporadic as well. This if often not taken into consideration.

If you are uncomfortable for any reason writing a mentally ill inmate, please contact us.


If the above seems to alarm you just remember God is still in control as long as you allow Him to be. We are ever so grateful for each one of you who make this Ministry possible. Without all of you there would not be a Someone Cares.

We received a letter from a dear friend who happens to be on death row. He said he thought we should retire. He had thought of all the years we had spent in the different prisons and how dark and gloomy they really are. We could never do that if you went where we have been, and had seen what we have seen. I doubt very much if you could just walk away.

I was raised as a Pastor�s daughter as many of you know, and I had no idea what was really behind those walls of cement. The hard core inmate�s or those who are have mental illness and how they are treated by others just breaks my heart. I have always seen each one of them as one of God�s children. I sincerely believe that is the way God would want it. Please remember that not everyone is as fortunate as others.


I was going through some letters from inmates who wanted Pen Friends. Some are looking for one thing, money. Others have a female in mind, or if not a female, a male. It would be easy to throw many away, but Jesus has the book and will and has chosen who is going.

We send a form letter telling them we are a Christian Ministry and not the internet. We had an inmate on film who said, �If you came and saw or wrote and walked away, how you can call yourself a Christian? When you ask for a name we send the name on top of the pile. God has chosen. You receive it and you have nothing in common and ponder.

A man called me and said he was ashamed. We had sent him a name a year ago and his pastor said it was not a good idea. I asked him to send the info back so we could match him. When I resent a new application it came back deceased. That Pastor better learn what Jesus says. Did a soul miss heaven because of the ignorance of a Pastor?


In past newsletters we told you the economy had forced a few Prison Ministries to fold. We were given an overload of requests for applications.

We prayed as did many of you and God really answered. One couple, Ralf & Sharon requested 200 applications. They are writing to 100 already. Three woman�s groups took another 200 requests. And we then matched another 150 inmates through referrals and our web site. I am sure we heard the heavenly choir singing Amazing Grace. God is so good.


September 29th, 30th, 31st, and October 1st and 2nd, we are being featured by Voice of Prophecy radio around the world. Not all Christian radio stations play that broadcast, but you can hear it any time on your computer by going to VOP.COM.

Also we have CD�s you can have if you can gather groups to hear it. Now if each of you went to your address book and requested your friends to listen, and If Pastors would put it in their bulletins, what a blessing Someone Cares would receive.

Last time we tried this we had over 200 groups gathered, and we matched almost a thousand inmates. AMEN. I realize we ask a lot, but these are tough times. Prisons are over flowing and little is being done to help. Church�s are losing members as they are not offering Christians things to do for Jesus. New members are wandering around wondering Go do what. Go forth were? We think of God telling Satan the Heavens are mine, stay out. He runs rampant taking our kids� friends� husbands and wives.

Ever get a Round to It? Now is the time. Every time we match an inmate, we think of the process that can start. Once a church member becomes active for the first time, an inmate may learn about Jesus. Other inmates may join in. Inmates learning about Jesus may reach out to family and friends. What a bit of excitement must be going on in heaven because Someone Cares!


Kathy has written many inmates and has done a neat job. Now she has been invited inside a prison to teach the bible.

Joan and John started writing, and then visiting, and now they also are going into a Prison.

Pastor John who was against prison ministry, had a son go to prison, and now he is interested and recommends prison ministry.

VOP has over 2,000 Discover Bible schools. Several very large churches have shown a interest and have asked us to help them get started.


Tony, a Mexican hard core inmate got a birthday card. This card had 26 notes attached from kids in the 7th grade. His name was given to us by a guard. Tony now has a Pen Friend, well 27 including the class teacher. We will keep you posted.


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