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December 2011
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Don & Yvonne McClure

PDF December 2011


    We know Jesus was not born in December. We also know the only gift �HE� wants is all of us to be on our knees on Christmas Eve, each one thankful for the shed blood of Christ. It is hard to believe that so many Christmas seasons have passed since this Ministry started. For twenty years we spent Christmas in prison, and it will sure be nice to spend time with family this year. However, we experienced some really important events as a result of spending time in prison instead of with family.


    We got permission to bring church members into Soledad Prison to sing carols throughout the yards. Not being a singer, I walked the halls inside the cell blocks, watching the hard core inmates crying in their cells. At the end we extended an invitation for the prisoners to join us the next day for a special Christmas service in the Chapel.

    The Warden had brought in extra staff for security. The Chapel was jammed so we had to have two services, but no one seemed to mind. The Bible says, �Every knee shall bow,� but, my friends, we have to extend the invitation. Over two hundred men accepted Christ during that time, and many of you became their Pen Friends.


    With the help of Chaplain Bill Moors, now the Chaplain at Vacaville Prison, and many donations of books and money, we were able to give every Christian inmate a book and $1.00. To some that was the only money they ever got. Sure, it�s true that a lot of the really tough inmates did not read the book and many threw them away, but others gathered them up to make sure Someone got them. That was over 5,000 inmates. God�s mercy led many to the chapel; many came to know Jesus, some requested a pen friend or a visit from Yvonne, Bill and me. God is good!


    Yvonne got the Warden to allow a Christmas party on Death Row with inmates and relatives! Some of the local churches made the special dinner, as well as gifts for the inmates to give to their family members. It was a joyful time had by all but one. One man stayed in his cell until a young girl invited him to sing with us.

    After that our Chapel attendance increased greatly. Most importantly, almost all the inmates joined Yvonne and me for counseling sessions. One man told me that even though he was on Death Row and knew that someday he would be put to death, he now knew that because of Jesus, he too would have a mansion prepared in heaven for himself.


    Making arrangements for a Christmas service one year, we met a very unusual man who was in prison for child molesting. Like most, the idea of this crime made my stomach turn. But Jesus came for every knee to bow, and has extended an invitation to Heaven for all who accept HIM.

    We started the formation of a group meeting for any convicted child molesters willing and brave enough to join. The warden gave permission for the group, although he believed it would not work. In the first meeting we had 18 men, which eventually led to three separate groups.

    Many of you reading this have thoughts of your own on this touchy subject. Ninety per cent of these men will be released some day. We are happy to tell you that of those who were in this first group, we have kept track of ten of the men who were released and registered as sex offenders. After five years only 1 re-offended, while eight of them joined churches and still attend. Many of you became Pen Friends to them.


    One of the most difficult programs to arrange and receive permission for is having Bikers for Christ come to Soledad. Most of them had been members of Hells Angels, Gypsy Jokers or other biker gangs.

    One Christmas, at the last minute with just one week to go, it was approved and they came to the prison. Their bikes were shined and they were all clean cut. The testimonies they shared filled our Chapels for months.

    Yvonne and I have an advantage that other Ministries don�t. We minister in the prison setting, cell blocks, dungeons, the yards, administrative, segregation � we see the worst of the worst. I learned early in my conversion to Christ that �HE� sees us not as we are, not as we were, but as we can be through HIS SHED BLOOD.

    Yvonne�s Corner

    We have so much to be thankful for during all those years that we were in prison on different holidays, and being able to see God change lives. We are so thankful for the many of you who write, and also for those of you who support Someone Cares. The expenses add up with gas, postage, envelopes and just general office expenses. As we have Jake and Ronna learning the Ministry, and we are making sure that Someone Cares will be around for many years to come. We pray for all of you and never take any of you for granted. We love each of you, and especially our hearts go out to those of you who are going through rough times right now.

    May God richly bless you all in the New Year. Don�t forget, year-end donations may be made securely through our website.

    Headed to Hell, Destined For Heaven.

    Many years at Soledad, about a month before Christmas, I was in segregation. It was scary having a pretty lady knocking on my cell - I was in my underwear and I jumped into pants. First she introduced herself and their Ministry. They gave me Christmas cards and stamps to mail to my family. Later they got me a Pen Friend and they got me into a Bible study. My first Pen Friend died and they got me another who still writes, though I have been released. That covered a 20 year period. Not once did I think to thank them. They had moved several times. Reading their newsletters I wonder how many other people this great ministry has helped or thanked them. If you are a Pen Friend ask your inmate to drop them a note. There will be no special place in Heaven for us but if there was an area for ex-cons it would be pretty big, many because Someone Cares. Do you?

    You Made A Believer Out of Me.

    I am the CEO of a large company and have done well for myself in spite of the fools in Washington.

    I came to work one morning and an envelope on my desk had a newsletter and a CD. I put it in a drawer for awhile. I finally got around to it and read the letter. You talked about a less than a dollar donation that led to a million dollar sermon. Your CD amazed me as with next to nothing you claimed cattle on a thousand hills. The check I�m enclosing will jump start next year, and then will bring you and your group down here to work out more. I�m 55, thinking of retiring; you�re 78 talking about just getting started. My wife is overjoyed as you told me to read the book of James and find myself. I�ve got a lot more. I suggest you ask your followers who work for large companies to get involved, including hiring Veterans and ex-cons.
    Thanks Don & Yvonne.

    Ralph Meacee


    Throughout the years we�ve been handling more mail than you can imagine, which can be a difficult task. Not enough postage, not enough information, receiving clothes for an inmate with us expected to pay the postage for receiving them and sending them to the prison and then having the package rejected as being sent too early! These are only a very few of some of the problems we face on a regular basis.

    We cannot seem to get across to some of you that it is YOU and not �Someone Cares� that is writing these folks. Your name or Pen name should be in the return, along with our address. Please check with the prison before sending anything to make sure they can receive it. Don�t depend on the inmate�s information � they will only tell you to send what you can, hoping for the best.

    Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas and the very happiest of New Years.
    Don and Yvonne McClure

    AND BEHOLD, I (JESUS) AM COMING QUICKLY In the hustle and bustle of this season,
    Have you stopped to consider the real reason?
    Why do we toil so everything will be first rate,
    Waiting until the 25th to celebrate?
    Is your heart stirred by good food, tree or gifts?
    The music, the cards, parties, or opening ski lifts?
    Do you long to meet with family and friends,
    To reminisce of times long ago, that you all love so dearly?
    Perhaps to some, the passing of a loved one makes you lonely and sad.
    Hard to get through this time, because you�re not very glad?

    Millennium ago, the prophet Isaiah foretold that the Virgin would bear a son, born in Bethlehem and called Immanuel. HIS advent was a humble one. That baby boy better known as Jesus came to die for all our sins. Until we repent and accept HIM as Savoir there is no way we will ever win. Jesus is knocking on the door of your Heart, or have you already let him in? Are you wearing your robe of righteousness, or is your life connected to sin? Take a moment this season and receive the gift that makes sure you win. No one can give you joy and peace, none other than the King of Peace. His reward HE brings with HIM, to give to everyone according to their work.


    God�s Word was given to tell us the story of redemption, to show us that all can be happy who accept the shed Blood of Jesus. The birth of Christ made Satan spring into action. We, who have studied HIS Word, know the answers and the end result. Often it is all taken for granted in the 6000 promises made to us, but it is clear that HE commissioned us to do something for someone, in response to our love for Him because He first loved us.


    Jesus has provided many examples of �doing�, as when he pardoned a thief on the cross. He healed many, including a woman whose faith was shown by merely touching Jesus� robe. On a mountain top He laid down the rules for us to live by with HIS Godly finger. The more we do the sooner HE comes. The more we do, the more will go with us to Glory.

    Read the Bible about all that has happened.When we believe, then we receive, but it has no value unless we pass it on. In a cell somewhere is a person who has done something really bad and is being punished for what he did. Now unless someone contacts them they are on a one way trip to hell. Jesus promised HE will come for us. But HE told us to go forth and do something.

    Yvonne met Cedric, and he liked what we were doing. Inmate after inmate has followed the principles we believe in. The angels in Heaven cry when a man is sent to prison for 30 years for stealing three chickens, another given five years for killing two people in an automobile accident.

    Using old fashion equipment that we�ve received, we�ve gotten quite a lot accomplished. We live in a large area could benefit from sponsors to help with radio shows and ads in large Christian magazines. HE took me, changed my direction and this Ministry was born. To God be the glory, great things HE has done! Please join us.

    And an angel of the Lord appeared
    to them, and the glory of the Lord
    shone around them, and they were
    filled with fear. And the angel said to
    them, �Fear not, for behold, I bring you
    good news of a great joy that will be for
    all the people. For unto you is
    born this day in the city of David a
    Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
    Luke 2:9-11

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