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November 2014
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Don & Yvonne McClure

PDF November 2014


    A long time ago God sent two people our way, Larry and Mona. They became friends, Pen Friends, and supporters. Larry had a great, high-paying job and he sent us a large amount every month. Then Satan hit them both hard. Mona got sick, and then Larry. He was able to do his job at home for a while, but eventually he lost his job.

    Although he had a high position in his field, getting another job and insurance coverage was tough. Mona called to tell us their usual monthly donation check would not be coming. We are not concerned with that, but we do have a request � please pray for these two wonderful Christians that are so much a part of this Ministry. We pray more Christians were as dedicated as they are. You may send cards of encourage for Larry and Mona to our address, and we will be happy to forward them on.
    God Bless!


    A group of students were asked what they thought the Seven Wonders of The World were. The following got the most votes: The Great Pyramids, Taj Mullah, Grand Canyon, Panama Canal, Empire State Building, and St. Peters Basilica.

    The teacher noted one boy had not turned his paper in. When asked to provide his answers he said the Seven Wonders were: to touch, to taste, to see, to hear, to feel, to laugh and to love. Would you have given him an �A?�


    It is difficult to listen to the news these days. I am so glad this world is not my home and that we are just passing through. Those running this country and the leaders of other countries need to get things in order. I listened for a bit about two people running for office. Millions of dollars spent on getting elected, but nothing being spent in areas of need. There seems to be a whole lot of lies being told, and it is hard to believe the conditions of this country that need fixing.

    Jesus had a priority for poor folk or those who could not help themselves. In the prisons, both here and in other countries, there are thousands of trained men whose skills could be utilized to help our country, such as building bridges, working on roads, and even fighting if necessary.

    A look at the future � unless we adjust the prison systems and make changes in priorities, we are in trouble. Corruption and greed is everywhere. Bombs are going off where Jesus walked. Even Pastors are telling folks who to vote for. Hearing from many of you, it sounds as though even our Churches need adjusting. �What says the Bible, the Bible to me. Words of men so often deceive us, what says the Bible to me.� I have no intention of saying how to vote, but please vote. We are told this world is not our home, but we are just passing through. We read about the coming of Christ and praying it is soon. But if Jesus came today, how many of our loved ones would be left behind?



    Hello, I wanted to write and sincerely thank you for allowing this opportunity to connect with Christian pen friends from your Prison Ministry. A lot of people on the outside won�t even give us inmates a chance or benefit of the doubt, assuming our past mistakes define who we are. So yes, I am mindful of your genuine kindness and the blessing you�ve made possible to receive. These past few years have been extremely difficult to cope with, not to mention the 50 year sentence I was given. But still, I know all is possible through God�s will and I do pray to just finally one day meet a true friend who understands and won�t be too quick to pass judgment. Again thank you! Sincerely,


    I wanted to write you and say that I am so glad you enjoyed my letter of introduction. I feel blessed that God has given me opportunities in life to be able to inspire and lift others up. I am really looking for a few friends that are devoted and would like to be able to share back and forth with no regard to race, gender or age. I want to be able to encourage others and to have true friends. The friends that I thought were good when I was out in the world turned out to be drinking buddies. God has shown me so many things since I have been locked up. He has shown me patience and different ways of looking at life. I have a whole new respect for God and for myself.

    I am thankful for where I am. Yes, it hurts that I am away from my children and that I have been pulled from my family. I am blessed that I have a very supportive family. I believe that we have become closer since my incarceration. I know everyone has a past and have done things they should not. The question is whether they got caught or not. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are not as guilty as they are accused of. And then there are some folks who are guiltier then they look. I will leave it at that. God says that ALL sin is equal in his eyes. So I do not judge. I live my life to the fullest and try my best to live as the light of the Lord.

    I want to thank you Ronna for looking at my letter. May God bless you and protect your family. What this service offers is really great and God will bless those accordingly. God Bless,


    You spoke at our church and I was touched. I became a supporter and a Pen Friend that day. Over the years I have written eight inmates. Two I dropped (informing you), the 6 were and are a blessing. Following your instructions I spent just a little time on Jesus but built a foundation. All took and finished Bible studies through Voice of Prophecy. I have written to some of their family members, that too was a blessing. Tom, in for manslaughter, got paroled and we still write. Josh, in for armed robbery, had a hard time. He got into drugs and gangs. In prison he had the same problem. He told us in his first letter that Yvonne came to his cell and gave him some Christmas cards. He enrolled in Bible Study also. Prison was hard on him � young and small, other inmates took advantage of him.


    I still remember Yvonne talking about him. Don read a letter from him and threw it away. Yvonne found it and sent him all the Pen Friend forms. This man on Death Row was really bad. He had kidnapped a Senator�s wife for money. He took her to the woods near a river, tied her up and then tied her to a tree. He went to make the ransom call. Somehow she got the rope tying her to the tree loose. She rolled into the river and drowned. Don (the inmate�s name) accepted Christ and then went to work for Jesus. Don and Yvonne helped him. Many on Death Row accepted Christ because of that man. I was happy to be his friend and looking forward to seeing him in Heaven.

    Here�s something written by a young girl who attended one of our seminars:
    If you don�t care how the problems get solved,
    You�re going to shake your head later that you never got involved.
    The call came ringing from the Throne of Gold.
    You never got the message, for your mind was on hold.


    We have had the joy of preaching to men like that all over the United States. We have the possibilities of this Ministry operating in Germany, Canada and Australia. We will be the operation base, as soon I will be 82.

    We have been through so many things that I will never forget, but there are a few events that really stand out. Years ago, with rumors of rioting going around Soledad, we had planned a special service. The large chapel was full to over flowing, so much so that a guard wanted it stopped. The Warden, who was a friend, said let it go. We had a great song service with Yvonne on piano, and God blessed me with a sermon into the hearts of the lost. The sermon went longer than it should. Again staff wanted it stopped, but the Warden said go on. I made an alter call and almost 80 men came forward. Gang members, lifers and one staff member. Thank you, Jesus! Almost 40 went into our Bible studies, and others hooked up with other volunteers we had. We still hear from some.

    When God led us to Kentucky we did something almost impossible. We had a Christmas Party on Death Row, and inmates were given the chance to have family members present. When you look into the eyes of a man sentenced to die and see Jesus there, it is a wonderful experience. Yvonne�s �Do the crime, do the time� motto is important. Over these past 40 years I have met with some really bad men and a few women. The results were very positive, and we pray they were lasting. Seven of these men are still in our Pen Friend program.


    She was in for drug possession and for being a �whore� (that was her word). Like many, both male and female, she was abused from child hood and found the streets to get away. She made an amazing change when she met Jesus. Took Bible studies and started a self-help group in prison.


    This was read to 90 inmates in a local prison. This is what happened.

    I�m going to preach and try to teach to the 90 men in here,
    Of the words of love from the throne above (the tone was loud and clear).
    I preach to you of a Savior true in a happy home on high
    Where the angels dwell, all saved from hell, and the righteous never die.
    And he prayed a prayer in the prison there as the 90 bowed their heads;
    The Bold Choctaw and the Chickasaw, to the Blacks, the Whites and the Reds.
    He prayed for the thief with his unbelief, for the black highway man bold.
    For the robber, too, and his crew, for the criminals young and old.
    Then he sang a hymn in the prison grim; he said, turn Sinner, turn!
    It is not too late to reach God�s gate while the lamp holds out to burn.
    Then from his bed, between the Black and Red, up rose an outlaw bold.
    With a trembling step to the preacher he crept, shivering as with cold.
    And a vicious flash of the lighting gnash showed his features pale and stern.
    And he said, I am resolved to turn.
    And it seems to me no one can see a scene so glad, so grand.
    And the Black and Red, with the White, �round the Christian one did stand.
    The night came down like a silvery crown and a promise gave to all.
    For the 90 men in the marshal�s den heard only the Savior�s call.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    It would be nice if Jesus would return. We, as a Non-Profit Organization, ask for your tax-deductible support. With stamps going up our expenses increase. To keep up with the increase we need more quality ads in publications to get folks involved. We could also use a quality used car. If you have any used DVDs or Cds, we could make use of those. If the weather gets as bad as it was last year, we could really use a house in a warm area!

    We will be sending receipts with the February newsletter. If you need yours earlier just ask. The biggest need is folks to write inmates through our Pen Friend Program, aka �Paper Sunshine.� And of course we can always use you prayers. We will be praying for each of you.

    God Bless you and yours,
    Don, Yvonne and Ronna

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