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October 2015
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure

PDF October 2015


Claiming all the promises in God�s word and looking at the state of the World we pray that Jesus� return is soon. Prison ministry as mentioned by Jesus is a much neglected field. This needs our attention now. We try very hard and at times we get discouraged. We often talk to folks who have been with us for a long time. They have asked fellow Christians and asked their pastors to promote helping us and Someone Cares. We do not like asking for funds. Because of my health issues I can not drive any more. Neither can Yvonne. In the past we have gone to two or three churches a month preaching and putting on Prison Ministry classes. This secured our funding and got folks to write. We all receive a great blessing when one of you leads a person to Christ. Many of you established a friendship that continued after your Pen Friend inmate was released. Many wrote direct so getting results as often are difficult. We are trying to contact all of you by phone but numbers are hard to get.


At Soledad Prison years ago we asked the inmates for prayer requests. Yvonne�s clerk listed them on a scroll. That day we prayed and asked if the inmates knew when prayers were answered. It was a very big list and we are still praying for those people. I pray for each of you receiving this newsletter and welcome your notes that you are praying for us and this ministry.


We have a large number of applications from inmates who are looking for a chance to be part of the Paper Sunshine program. We have been running ads in Christian publications which is very expensive. So, in Jesus name, we pray for funding to help us spread the message about our ministry.

Our ministry has gotten so large that the inmates must have at least two years left in prison in order to be given a Pen Friend. This bought a lot of mail from those with short prison terms.

Yesterday we received a letter from a ministry that just deals with letter writing. Several pages of inmate�s names were sent. No letter, no phone call. Are they just getting rid of something they cannot handle?


Because of mankinds sin, satan is free to roam the earth. He is very powerful enemy. As Christians we look forward to the day when Jesus return to earth as He promised to do. Yvonne said praying for Jesus to return while we are still alive would be great. Then we chatted about all the people we know who have not accepted Christ. There are too many. We need to do what we are advised to do by God�s word - remember the inmate, feed the poor and so much more. There are many thousand of mouths to feed and souls to touch with God�s grace. We have to work hard to get into the boat and then work harder to get to the other side.

We watched a preacher a while back - Walter Pearson. He was deep in the word. He said, �Turn with me in the Bible.� Then the camera panned the crowd and most had no Bible. Indeed there is much work to do!


Recently I went to the hospital. it was because my blood sugar went to 1143. That is serious problem which can leave a person in a coma. I do not remember all that happend, but apparently I did try to escape from Intensive care. Then right after I was released Yvonne fell and fractured her spine. Ronna has had several surgeries this year with several more to come. Jake had a bus hit his car and it was totaled. Got a car you would like to donate?

As we plan our future and continue working on God�s plan, we realize we have a lot of work left to do. We are not quite as fast as we once were. With God�s blessing our loyal faith partners have carried us far. For those of you who are new, we are a faith ministry paid for by donations which are tax deductible. Ronna, Jake and Brittany will take over when we have to slow down more. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.



I look back on my life and I am ashamed of it. I have been locked up for eighteen years with ten more to go. One day I returned from my once a week shower. On my bunk was a book and a note telling me the giver would be back. It was called Steps to Christ. I started to throw it away but what else did I have to read. It read as if someone one were talking to me. This showed me I could be or would be changed. A week later Don came to my cell. He introduced himself and told me God had sent him to visit me. I had no contact with anyone outside of Prison. My last letter to my Mom was returned. It was a great day to find out someone cared about me. I later met Yvonne. We became friends. They got me a Pen Friend and bit by bit my life changed. They had moved and they still kept me posted. They sent me my Mom�s address and arranged a phone call. I accepted Christ and I am a new man.


How I enjoy your newsletters. I have written to an inmate for over 20 years. Over the years he did some terrible things. He did some terrible things and got three life sentences. How I wish I could write more inmates but the years caught up with me. May the God of hope bless your ministry.


I started writing inmates years ago after being forced to go hear you preach and teach. Your sermon reached me like no other. I started off with one inmate and now have thirty. As you know I have recruited more writers also. The peace that passes all understanding I now have. Two of my Pen Friends are teaching me the Bible! I wish I could support your Ministry but as you know I am on disability. I do have you in my will and know I�ll see you all in heaven.
Mary Elaine


One of our Christian Pen Friends sent in a poem that her inmate Pen Friend sent to her. I would like to share it with all of you.

Today I live in the shadow of yesterday�s tears,
All my fears all the years of my plight, is my
Tomorrow sorrow.
Last night I dream of a better today, so tonight
I pray.
Because all of my yesterday tears and fears I give
them to God.
Who give me not only peace but direction, for my
By his stripes I find all I need.
Like these birds that don�t have a care in the world
Of a God that cares for them.
So am I worth more than a bird, so my yesterday of
my today tomorrow I pray.
By Michael Hall

Also, I just want you all to know we still have some mail here that has not been claimed. I think some people forget to send back the blue form that is supposed to be filled out by the Christian Pen Friend and sent back to us. So please, if you have not heard from your inmate give us a call. And if you have any questions about anything, I would love to hear from you. We still have a lot of inmate applications here waiting to be matched with a Pen Friend. So please spread the word. WE NEED CHRISTIANS TO WRITE!


Like millions, we watched a bit of the Pope�s visit to the US. While in Philidephia he visited a prison as Jesus told us to do. There are some facts we would like to share. Ninty percent of those in prison (2.3 million inmates) will be released if Jesus tarries. Most inmates have lost contact with their family. Most are uneducated. Most of them can get a Bible but most cannot find someone to help them understand it. We are in dire need of one thousand Christians to help us reach out to them. We have a pile of letters from inmates asking to join with us. These letters are unopened. We cannot match them. Please ask your pastor to call us and see if they approve of what we do. Pray that we can get the funding for ads. Pray we can get on the air to broadcast as we have to find many �someone�s who care.� Do you know of any Christian radio or TV programs who will let us share what God has done?

Thank You!
Don, Yvonne, Ronna & Jake


We all hope to be alive when Jesus returns. Ever since I became a Christian, I have listened to a lot of pastors say, �Be prepared, HE is coming soon.� I talked to one of our supporters about the return of Jesus. I, like him, have listened to the hell, fire and brimstone preached by some. I do believe that every ear shall hear and every tongue confess. I also believe Jesus does not want to leave anyone behind, especially when we are told in His word that this world shall pass away. Look at the terrible shape of this world. We have massive ice melts and global warming - all things we are told about. Many think it is OK to wait until the last moment to know Jesus. No! No! I am over joyed that the Bible tells us about Paul and Silas going to prison. They prayed and sang and shared Jesus. When the jailer asked, �What must I do to be saved?� he was told and his family was included.

I think way back to 1938 when my mom took me to a hospital where my sister and father were ill. I saw my sister suffering with severe Spinal Menijitis. I cried. Then I went to another room in the same hospital where my dad lay in bed with boils all over his body from mustard gas. They both died just days later. One day I will share the rest of the story with you. I ran away and kept running until I met Jesus. My mother lived long enough to hear me preach my first sermon. My �live fast, die young and have a good looking corpse� thinking was gone, shed by the blood of Jesus. After I accepted Christ, I went to find my old worldly friends only to discover that they had all died. That is why this ministry is so important to us. It took the action of a lot of folks to help me find Jesus. I thank God who gave me a second chance, and also gave me Yvonne who has traveled this road with me. As I move toward my 83rd birthday my wish is to be able to lead a thousand inmates to Christ. Care to join us? God will be there.

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