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February 2017
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure

PDF February 2017


    We start this month�s newsletter by informing you that we need something. It is as though we are asking Jesus through you. We have been so blessed lately and God has listened to our prayers. We need your help. The state of Florida has told us they will not accept our program, and is rejecting mail with Someone Cares on the envelope. I called the Governor and got the run around. The reason this ministry is being rejected is because the state rejected all pen pals programs. We tried to explain we are a Christian Pen Friend ministry. We explained that our mail is sent to a P.O. Box and the inmates never get the writer�s address. We know many of you write direct. We explained that we also provide free Bible studies. We also said this ministry has been going into Florida for over 15 years. We asked to speak to the Governor! We asked to speak to the head chaplain and as yet have not connected with him. I guess we ruffled a few feathers and now they are rejecting mail that has been going into Florida for years. We ask you all to write to Governor Scott, 400 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee FL 32399.


    This is a letter writing ministry. We send or get applications from inmates asking to join this ministry. They read an application stating this is a ministry, not a dating service. They are told all mail goes through our post office box. When we get the application we match the inmate with you. We ask you (NEW) to write a letter and if you do not get a response to write another in 30 days. If there is still no response, send all the contact information back to us. We will deal with it and rematch you again.

    We are sad to say some have gotten the inmate and Pen Friend information and not written or returned it. We also ask you to write your letter to the inmate and seal it in an envelope. The return address should be your name or Pen name and our address. Someone Cares should not appear anywhere on this envelope. Finally address an outside envelope to us with your real name and address for the return.


    Last week we matched 120 inmates with Pen Friends. Amen! If we did that every week what a blessing that would be. We pray that all of you reading our newsletter will write one inmate or one more inmate. We ask that if you have a prison ministry person in your church, please have them contact us. Soon and very soon Jesus will bless you and yours. HE will do that anyway if we ask in HIS name.


    We are back on the radio again. This time we are with Life Talk instead of Voice of Prophecy. We pray that we may be featured with Voice of Prophecy again . So many of you have become a part of this ministry through radio. There are so many folks who made a mistake and are in prison. Getting help for them is our job. Your job is to be their friend.


    In a couple of months I will be 84. Next month Yvonne will be 77. Amen! I still play tennis - ping pong or table tennis that is. My eyes are not as good as they were. We, over the years as a team, have been able to build on what Jesus did and said. To see what the Bible says, read or google Hebrews 13:3 and Mathew 25.

    We are planning on expansion big time. Yvonne always says, �Do the Crime, do the time.� But prisons are so full it is hard for inmates to improve. No jobs, no school, and because of over crowding inmates have little time out of their cell. We would ask you who write to obtain your Inmate Pen Friend�s family address so we can send our newsletter to them and try to help heal many wounds.


    In the past when we were going into prison six days a week, we had time to deal with many of the inmates problems. Education was one. It would save lot of folks going back to prison if they had a G.E.D. This would be a perfect ministry for retired teachers. Call the Department Of Corrections in your state. California had a �Match Two� program. An free male would be matched with an male inmate. A female would be matched with a woman inmate.. Again call the chaplain and see if they will work with you.


    This is the best and easiest program for one person, a family or even a whole church. In prison are men and women who have committed or gotten blamed for a crime. Being locked up within the prisons of today is scary. Inmates reach out for someone to reach in. The key word is friend. Our program is Christian and Friend. I learned with Yvonne to �Let go, let God.� �Don�t give up, give in.� We train volunteers to teach about Jesus and to learn about Jesus. Don�t let your doctrine be a barrier but rather a bridge to Jesus. We ask you to invite questions about the Bible. If you can�t answer the questions, ask your pastor or contact us. Make a file on what you have talked about. Keep their letters to refer back to. If they ask for something you cannot give, tell them. Do not send money unless you are comfortable doing so and can afford it. If you don�t hear from them, contact us we will take them back and give you a new inmate.


    When we started off a long time ago we received a salary of a dollar a year. All the rest has been free will donations. The Widows and Widowers Mite kept us going. We never dreamt our ministry could get this big. In case you did not know, we run this ministry out of our home. We wish it were in a warmer area. We do need Faith Partners as we are all working on that trip to Glory. You are the future of this ministry. Soon, we are going to soon try to start charter groups in each state. We would love to have the names and addresses of anyone involved in Prison Ministry where you are.


    The first thing we try to teach is the power of prayer. Following is part of a conversation I had with Don Hawkins before he was executed.

    When I first got in touch with your ministry I was looking for all the wrong things and was one bad guy. I was so bad you threw my letter away. Thank you Yvonne for salvaging it. Our friendship has lasted many years and changed me and many others on death row. I did what I did and deserve to die, but because of Someone Cares I�ll see you both in Heaven. I sent you some names and pray you can lead them to Christ like you did me.

    This man�s conversion changed �many a soul� in and out of prison. He held his breath when the execution started but we know he was praying. Thank you Jesus!

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