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July 2017
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure

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    We are over joyed at the amazing results we have gotten from so many of you. This newsletter is going to inform you of some of the things we deal with. An old saying is �If it is not broke, don�t fix it.� Well it is broken. A number exceeding two hundred inmates have been matched in our Pen Friend program. Some inmates were written to and they did not answer. The person writing did not inform us or return the inmate�s information. Some of them received the information and did nothing. To our knowledge we have never had a serious problem with this program. This will be corrected as we will attach the inmate�s information to the Pen Friends spot on our computer. If you have had problems in the past, please share the with us.


    Prison is a nasty place. It is also full of very bad people who have done terrible things. We have proven through the years that inmates can and do change. The system does little to help. Getting a letter from one of you can even be a life or death situation. Inmates migh not have a stamp, or paper or pen or pencil. But Jesus counts the hair on their heads. They are not there for missing school although many are not guilty of crime they are charged with. If you have any questions contact us.


    From the day we started until now we have been a ministry that depends on donations. We have always been in the black and to that we say thank you and thank you Jesus. We may have made a mistake and over extended. The church has promised to do certain things and we know they will do what was promised. But it takes them much time. Last week we matched 70 inmates and if things keep growing like that we are going to really grow. We are going to have to hire someone or find a way to get some volunteers.

    I think without a moments hesitation that thousands of inmates� lives have changed because SOMEONE CARES. Until promised help arrives we need to put ads in magazines like Christianity, Gleaners, Recorder, and even local newspaper�s religious sections. 500 people giving $10.00 a month will get a lot done. We have been asked about tithe which goes to the church unless you do not have one. Living wills are also a good thing. Our favorite donor is a lady who has given us a dollar a month for 35 years.


    I want to thank your ministry. Before you, I had contacted four churches without any answer! I also contacted several pen pal organizations but they wanted money. There are several websites but they are expensive and very perverted. My chaplain has posted information about your ministry in chapel, but it is not open much - very common.


    It would be neat
    if we had all of your
    email addresses and
    phone numbers.


    We will match you with an inmate. You can email your letter to us. We then �snail mail� it to the inmate. They prayerfully write back. We scan letter and email it to you, maybe along with some advice. We ask you to keep an index card. If you don�t receive an answer in 30 days, please write again. If still no answer, then return all the inmate�s information to us. We will replace it with a new name and take on the one you sent back. It is a lot of work but well worth it. By doing this we can read the inmate�s letter, give advise and suggestions and know what is happening. Amen


    Please use two names. The envelope going to the inmate should have your name or pen name and our address, NOT Someone Cares.

    Robert Whik BobbyRandll
    Michael Raven Trish
    Abiella Sater Jackie Renee
    Derrick Culbertson Melisa Simmons
    Arthur Rosas Trish
    Michael Madsen Trish
    Kurtish Williams Trish
    Shannon Graef Amy Heartland
    Darrell King Harry
    Nicholas Hartman Foster
    Vic Ramizarez Jeb Allen
    Billy Mccain Jeb Allen
    Billy Markwell Des Thompson
    Ed Hazmon Terru O
    Kelly Hellon Jean Leslie
    Krish Tebo Marilyn
    m Graham Allen Mathew
    Jerry Mcarty Maiam
    Rachael Hurst A Herzer
    Johner Timotht Debbie Jones

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