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October 2017
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Don & Yvonne McClure

PDF October 2017


    We are told in God�s word of the things that will happen before HE returns. I�m writing this on 9/11, a date when so many were killed by planes crashing. Wars and Rumors of Wars. I am also writing this following two record storms which did massive damage in several states, almost total destruction in several small countries. Sickness, storms, wars and rumors of wars are all predicted in God�s word. Also written is, �Every knee shall bow.� While eating out I listened to someone say, � I�d rather be watching a football game than these storms.� Destruction and death, but football is more important. We as Christians need to pray that this world prepares for Jesus� return and the trumpet sounding.


    I�m in prison for committing a crime or for not having an attorney. So many different people are in prison for so many different reasons. The Bible say, �I was in prison and you visited me not.� Most have no idea what prison is like or the conditions there. Going into prison is not easy but we found a way. Yvonne and I have physically been in prisons in seven states. We have been unpaid, full time chaplains in five states and have gone through massive training. We also have done training of many Christian volunteers.


    The inmate writes us for an application. We send one. Some letters are so good that we send the letter and let you send the application. You write the inmate through us or via e-mail. We send your letter to inmate via regular mail. They respond. If you e-mailed your letter, we scan the inmate letter and e-mail to you. So safe that your location is never known. If any of you have problems let us know and we will print them.

    WE NEED $5.00 a month faith partners.

    Reprinted from our October, 2013 newsletter.

    Yvonne liked to say, �If they do the crime they should do the time.� That was her attitude, and she did not go into the prison with me, until one rainy day when I finally talked her into going. One inmate was a black preacher, and he led the song service while Yvonne played the piano. We had a big crowd and God blessed our service. It was raining hard when we left. Getting into our car I turned on the headlights, and there in the rain stood all the inmates waving good-bye. Yvonne joined me daily in prison after that.


    Prison ministry is folks going into prison and teaching a Bible class, maybe preaching or holding a song service. You are escorted in and out and are not allowed any one-to-one time with inmates. Prison ministry is so badly needed but usually you have very little training.


    Ministry in prison is different than prison ministry. Here you go through much training. You also have the ability to have one-to-one time with the inmates. Yvonne and I have been through massive training and have staff status in the prison we work in physically. The following is what we are going to do. We want to get the names of all the different groups going into prisons. We want to have them give us the name, address and number of all inmates in their groups. Then we would enroll those in our Pen Friend program.

    Also we would like to start a Two Care program where Christians are cleared to go into prison for one-to-one visitation. This is done in a guarded visiting room or through the glass over the phone.

    We can also see the Dress Out program started again, where in California we provided over 100,000 inmates with nice, used clothes to wear when released. Can this really be done? Yes - if the churches get involved. A dozen times a month we hear from some of you that your pastor will not. Or we keep asking members and they are not interested.


    Inmates are classed from level one to level 6. Twenty percent will never change. Thirty percent are initialized and might get a chance. The rest are ready for anything that will help them. Some think they can ask for a Pen Friend and get a mate for life, or a bank account. We prevent this. Being safe and totally risk free, the Pen Friend Program works. We ask those writing through the Pen Friend Program to send us their stories, to share the experience they have had, good or bad.

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