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November 2017
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Don & Yvonne McClure

PDF November 2017


    We are truly blessed and really shocked at the results of our Pen Friend Program. To say we are swamped is an understatement. We really need help! We need writers, we need a bunch of $5.00 a month Faith Partners and a ton of prayer. It will be hard to keep up with requests if they continue like they are. Here is an example of just one prison. We got a request for a Pen Friend and we filled it. From that one prison, we now have fifty-five requests. Every time we match an inmate they share the information. If each of you would ask your pastor or send us your pastors name and phone number we will contact them.


    In prison, are many bad people, many sick people and many uneducated people. This is a problem that we can handle with your help. We get a letter and an application from an inmate. We send it out and for some reason the person receiving it does not write or returns the information to us. This reflects on Christians and our ministry. We ask each writer to write a letter and if no answer, write a second letter. If still no answer, return all of the information to us and we will rematch you and take the inmate. Keep in mind they may not have paper, pen or pencil or even a stamp, or they may be of a different race. We are so glad God is color blind. Today I mailed 100 letters from inmates to free folks. Then I mailed 46 letters from free folks to inmates.


    Your Pen Friend is writing you, so their envelope should not have Someone Cares on it, just our name and our address. We would like all of you to send us your pen name and phone number. We have mail we can not match.


    Many years ago God set us in the right direction. We got up early to make the drive from Aptos, California to San Quentin, a long drive. We parked and walked a distance to the entrance of the prison, greeted by staff. Then we had prayer before we walked to C Section. These are massive cell blocks, five tiers high, fifty cells to a tier. Across from each tier there is a gun rail, guard walks, and a guard who carries a loaded gun. Here, according to the state, was the worst of the worst. We were briefed by staff leadership and went on to serve God. The very first cell I will never forget. There was a large man with hair to the ground and a beard almost the same. His back was turned to me and the stench was terrible. I said �Hi� He turned and charged at the bars as though they were not their!! His hate was rampant and we went on. For months - twice week - we visited C section carrying cases of things to pas out. One day we had passed the cell we now always passed and a guard said, �He wants to see you - be careful.� I made sure Yvonne stayed behind me. The five gun rail guards were lined up behind us. He said, �I want to buy what you are selling. I�m not broke and can pay.� I said we are not and Yvonne moved in front telling him what we had was free. �Jesus sent us here and what you have seen is other men accepting that and changing.� We both chatted for quite awhile and asked him to pray with us. I don�t know what he said. I said, �Hold our hands and when it�s your turn after Yvonne, say what you feel.� We put our hands through the bars. We listened as five bullets were rammed into gun chambers. Yvonne prayed, he chatted a bit I closed with prayer. From that day forth we always stopped and got him two Pen Friends. We were invited to speak at a convention and combined it with a vacation. It was six weeks before we returned and the cell was empty. He has moved to the honor block. Remembering the filthy cell, unshaven man we went to find him. In a cell was a clean shaven man, a spotless man, clean inside and out. God is so good. He was to die in prison but we know we will see him in heaven.


    Yvonne and Ronna handle inmate mail requesting a Pen Friend. If they request a female, they are sent an application telling them of all our rules. If you go to our website,, on the left in red is the application you can download. While there you can click on the radio icon and listen to some radio shows we have done. If we match you and you get a bad letter return it to us and we will get you a new person. Men and women are not in prison for missing school. You though may be the only chance they have to make it. Jesus was very firm on HIS instructions to us. At 84 my eyes are not as good as they were, so I make a mistake or two, three, four. Forgive me. One thing we do not do as we get older is give up doing what God directs is to do.


    As I face each new day, Lord, remind me that you care. Teach me to depend on you through courage, faith and prayer. Please help me read the Bible, then memorize it too. I need your spirit�s power in all I say and do. Though others walk in darkness, please help me walk in light. Give me strength and guidance to do what�s good and right. Help me see my circumstance through your eternal eyes, I don�t want to grow bitter or heed the devils lies. I may be in prison, Lord, but you have set me free. You can give me all I need to live in victory!
    By Kelley Martin

    Thanksgiving Blessings
    to You and Your Loved Ones.
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