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Someone Cares is a non-profit faith ministry that reaches out to inmates in major and minor prisons through a risk free letter correspondence. For additional information about other programs covered by this Ministry, call (260) 387-7423
or E-mail [email protected]

We are supported by God's love and your gifts. All donations are tax deductible.


In 1973, I accepted Christ after growing up not believing in anything but myself. After giving up drugs and alcohol and all other worldly things, the Lord led me, then my wife who led me to HIM, into Prison Ministry.

Someone Cares has grown through trial and error. We are called "The God Squad", a nickname given us by San Quentin inmates. We kept asking God for direction to establish programs that would help those in prison. We developed programs such as:

The Pen Friend Program..A Risk Free way of letter writing to inmates using a PO Box to clear mail. We also read all inmate mail. The process is so safe that children are writing to child molesters and leading them to Christ.
Pre Release and re entry... 80% of those doing time will return to prison within five years of release. We helped develop programs to assist reentry.
Remedial Reading...Many in prison can not read or write. Using the Bible as a textbook, we have taught inmates to read using the Bible, and the Holy Spirit does the rest.

My wife Yvonne and I have worked as full-time, unpaid Chaplains for over ten years in California, Kentucky, and Michigan. We invite you to join us; or with our more than twenty years of experience we can help you develop your own Ministry. Through five separate Organizations, we provide free Bible Study Courses for inmates in prison.

FUNDING: We are a Non-Profit Organization and all donations are tax deductible. Our Tax Id number will be provided to any interested parties. We are also a Widows Mite Ministry seeking the small donor, praying for the large. Many years ago a small girl brought us her life savings of $1.21 and gave it to us saying "Please use this to get Someone in prison to Heaven." Her investment was well placed. If not You-WHO? If not NOW-When? If Not Here-Where? We invite you to be a part of the "God Squad."

DIRECTION: The purpose of this Ministry is to take Jesus to any inmate we can reach. This Ministry reaches into every prison in the United States. We are looking to network all of those persons working in Prison to work together to establish a One-to-One outreach to any inmate looking to change.

Don McClure

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